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Tuesday, January 20, 2015 2

Taking care of yourself means investing into yourself. As a model your body, your face, your skin, your energy is what sells. You are your own product and to market yourself right and build yourself as a brand, you need to take a ultimate care of yourself. Your bad habits will show and first impression is extremely important as a model. This is why we need to pay attention what we eat, how we act, what are our habits like and how we present ourselves.

Being healthy is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. You can see the extreme difference between these girls. When a young woman takes care of her body, eating habits and have active lifestyle; you can see the glow they have. Their eyes shine brighter and their energy is more attractive. And this is very important when it comes meeting new clients and giving good first impression. I want to share few point you need to focus on to improve your lifestyle and make positive changes.

*Eat! Most Important part of Healthy Lifestyle is to eat right! We are what we eat. Good eating habits will create your outer look and will make you feel good from inside.

*Nutrition! To keep your body Healthy you have to pay attention that you fill your body with right Nutrition! Its so Important to consume right amount of Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Protein and Healthy Fats. Food is fuel to your body and to keep your body fully functioning, you have to fuel it right to have Energy for your daily life! Eating food with right nutrition will also support your immune system, keeps your hair, nails and skin in perfect condition.


*Plant-based Life! Enjoy Greens, Veggies and Fruits! Eating fresh and plant base foods will make a huge change in your life and you will not only look Healthier,but you will also feel so much Better. Studies have shown, that people who are eating a lot of meat are more angrier and filled with negative emotions. Animal products are the reason of many serious diseases. Our bodies need to use a lot more energy on digesting heavy meats, and that energy should be used wisely for your daily activities. Food should give us energy, but not take it from us. There are so many options to eat plant based food. Your plate won’t be just more colorful but you will feel the change in your body simply having more energy and feeling lighter.

*Breakfast! Most Important meal of the day! Never skip the Breakfast! Its how you start your day. Breakfast is the meal what will give energy to wake up your body and be able to start your daily activities. If body dont get proper nutrition and energy, it also cant function it fullest! Healthy breakfast is part of the right eating habits. Prefer Filling smoothie or Oats as a porridge or muesli. Fiber and protein rich breakfast is also a secret for a flat belly. When you eat proper breakfast, you won’t be having different cravings during the day time and you will be able to control your portion sizes a lot easier.

*Eat often and small! This is one of the habits what I really enjoy and love! Keep Your meals light and small. Don’t over eat! Listen to your body and pay attention when you feel full. Over eating is very hard on your digestive system. Try to have a Healthy snack(Fruits, Nuts, Veggies, light Rye sandwich, light Salad etc.) after ever 2 hours. When You eat regularly your body is getting used with it, body knows that more food will come and it will burn the calories you consumed faster and will not store them as a fat.

*Raw! Try to keep Your Fruits and Veggies raw. It will help You consume more Nutrition than cooking them! Because cooking food over 40C will kill a big amount of necessary nutrition in food!

*Cut out unnecessary! We eat to keep out body working and to have Energy to Be Active. People often ask me how I can say No for so many “Good” things like Bakery Goodies, Candies, Junk Food, Sugary Beverages, Alcohol and so on! The answer is always easy. Because they dont give me anything. Do I really want to feed my body with something what wont do any good for me? Why we should want to feed our bodies with kg of sugary products, trans fats or preservatives. These items will only harm our bodies and we will lose so much energy to digest these kind of foods. Why not to use this energy somewhere else what we will actually enjoy?

*Cook!  As a model we travel a lot and most common excuse is that i don’t have time. Bullshit! You can always find time to take care of yourself. And cooking healthy meals is really not that time consuming. Is all about how much you really want to do it. Cooking gives you opportunity to use fresh and organic ingredients from your own choice. Its important to know where your food comes from and how it have grown. As we travel in so many different countries and cultures, we have a opportunity to learn about different cousins and food cultures, use this inspiration in your kitchen to create new recipe and find your voice(when it comes to food).

*Be Active! Keep your Body moving! Work out, Go to the Gym, Swim, do Yoga, go for a soul cycle class, Run in the forest, Walk your the dog and so on. There are so many ways to be active. Busy travel schedule is not strong enough excuse to not work out. Try to walk everywhere, you can always find 30 minutes for squats and sit ups in your hotel room or model apartment, use stairs and so on. Every chance you get, move your Body!! Being constantly active will give you so much more Energy and also makes You feel more motivated!

*Water! Drink, Drink and Drink! There is never too much water. Start your day with drinking a class of lemon-water before you do anything else. Drink a class of water also before every meal. Keeping your body hydrated is very important for our organs, muscles, brain and digestive system.


*Sleep! Get a good sleep. We need to sleep to be relaxed and rested. 8 hours of sleep is enough to be fresh, active and awake for a whole day.

*No excuses! There is no reason to come up with some excuses for not being Healthy! You need to do it for yourself and for your body. Being Healthy is not about anybody else than yourself. So don’t find excuses for not doing something or doing something unhealthy. Its all your own choices and everything you do, do it for yourself!

*Stay Positive! To be Healthy you also need to have a healthy mind. Try to see Good in every situation, because everything happens for the reason. Being Positive and Grateful for everything you have will lead you to Inner Peace. Positive state of mind also helps you to attract more positivity into your life.

*Its a Lifestyle! Being Healthy is not one-two or three week diet. Being Healthy is the Lifestyle!! You don’t need to be perfect example of Healthiness, but step by step you can make Healthy Lifestyle part of Your life.


Written by Helena Oun.

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